After years of working with the best food minds in Denmark, FOOD is increasingly used as advisors and development partners for companies and different branches of the public sector. This year, FOOD is heavily invested in running a major branding project for the entire Danish food sector, working as staff to a board of Danish food business executives who have set out to formulate what defines the Danish food sector now and in the future.


Among other things, FOOD has been a part of a project of investigating and developing the tourist experience in Denmark when it comes to dining and food.


FOOD has also recently been involved in a major effort in the region of Eastern Jutland to create new cooperations between small food companies.


Occasionally food companies use us as advisors and consultants for things related to food and food events.


Current projects:

European Region of Gastronomy: FOOD serves as secretariat for the European Region of Gastronomy in 2017 in cooperation with the European Capital of Culture 2017, Central Denmark Region and The City of Aarhus. The City of Aarhus and Central Denmark Region have been awarded with the title of European Region of Gastronomy in 2017 under the theme 'Rethinking Good Food'. The title has been awarded to the city and the region as a recognition of the flourishing and thriving food culture, gastronomy and products that are being rethought and developed across the region. The year of gastronomy will, in a program filled with events and activities, function as a tribute to and celebration of good food and all that comes with it.

Engagefood: FOOD works as an operator of the project Engagefood which is local development platforms for food companies that have the will and wish for growth and progress. Engagefood offers a number of activities that focuses on everything from sale and export to gastronomic development to small and middle-sized food companies. The project runs from 2016-2019, and during this time, there will be held more than 30 activities and events for the participating companies. If you wish to become a part of the network and/or participate in an activity, you are more than welcome to contact us. Engagefood is initiated by Business Region Aarhus and Central Denmark Region. 


”The creative and competent culinary scene” is financed by the European Social Fund and is founded to contribute to growth and employment in the food industry.

The project is designed to make a difference for small and medium sized companies within the food industry. As a part of the project, we offer a number of workshops with the purpose to enhance the company’s competencies.

If you have a company within this field, or work in one, and find this description interesting, you can contact Maria Louise from Food Organisation Of Denmark for further information about the possibilities and activities in the project.

The project is run by The Food Organisation Of Denmark, Copenhagen Hospitality College, Copenhagen House of Food, Taste North Zealand and Nordic Centre for Local Food. The project will be completed from April 2017 to April 2020.