Assisting media


One of the most important things that FOOD do is to help international media interested in Nordic food and gastronomy. FOOD is a not for profit organisation, and a rather small one. Subsidising food developers, entrepreneurs or innovative farmers, chefs or craftsmen is not within our financial grasp. But what we can do is to help those who develop better, sustainable and creative foods get attention, find a larger audience and aid their attempts to get the recognition and the business we believe they deserve. This is very much the point of many of our activities, especially our Food Festival in Aarhus, and to help getting the stories out there is a cornerstone of our work.

We do believe that there is a food revolution going on in Denmark and the Nordic region, a revolution that merges the exploration of deliciousness with sustainability, an awareness of biodiversity and a cultural ambition of reshaping the way we eat. 


Therefore we, and the partners we collaborate with, do such

things as:  


1) Help international media interested in witnessing the

creativity, traditions and achievements in Danish and Nordic food and

gastronomy. We help journalists meet the right people, find the right stories,

and we arrange as much as possible for those who visit us.  


2) Arranging press trips. Several times every year we manage

to find partners that help us to bring interested media from around the world

to Denmark and the Nordic region.  


3) Providing photos and press materials for some of the

outstanding food entrepreneurs that might not have the resources or contacts

needed to tell their story. 


4) Generally assist chefs and small food entrepreneurs in

their communication efforts.


If you are a journalist or an editor interested in the gastronomic revolution of the Nordic countries or the development of a more delicious and sustainable food culture; write us – chances are we’ll have contacts, knowledge, material and photos that could help you. Occasionally we’re able to find money to sponsor travel expenses too.


You can all ways write or call - go to our People-page to find contact information.