Major food events


More than anything FOOD organises major food events. The largest food festival in the Nordic Region – Food Festival in Aarhus - is the perhaps most important thing we do, bringing together 300 food entrepreneurs, farmers, craftsmen and chefs with 30.000 visitors every year. It takes place at the end of summer in Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city and the capital of the Danish food economy.


From FOOD was started in 2010, it was always a core ambition to create a major food festival that would bring together all those farmers, food producers and chefs who make up the real transition in our food culture. We are very proud of our effort; we think that we have created a place where ambitious food minds and curious consumers meet to shape the future of food in this part of the



These are the most important food events in Denmark that we in FOOD support or manage:

Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival: For years Copenhagen Cooking has been the central event bringing the city together around its dining and food scene. Now FOOD and Copenhagen Cooking has joined forces, and the festival has expanded with a large festival area called CPH Food District, a Beer & Whisky fair, a cocktail week, a charitable international hot dog competition, hundreds of events, street dinners and other stuff highlighting the food experiences and the food thinking of the city and the rest of the country. A 10-day celebration every year in August. 


Food Festival: 30.000 curious visitors and 300 food producers or chefs meet every year in the first weekend of September in Aarhus. Check out the festival at It is a festival focused in learning experiences, demonstrations and cooking classes. And we try our best to help break new products, knowledge and talent to a new audience.


MAD Symposium: The brainchild of Rene Redzepi, head chef of Noma and the driving force behind a new and more natural, Nordic cuisine. M ad Symposium brings together talent from around the globe to have a debate on how to develop delicious and responsible foods. FOOD has been a founding partner and a proud supporter of MAD and the MAD ideas presented there.


Oyster Trophy Week: Denmark is home to the last, disease-free population of the original European oyster. We're an oyster nation, but actually nobody really cared about these small but precious animals. They were casually exported wholesale, without pride or appreciation. We aim to change that, believing that this little animal is our most precious food and itself an icon of the need for natural preservation and the protection of biodiversity. So every year since we started we orchestrate an national oyster week, arranging oyster safaris celebrating these beautiful and wild, but heavily endangered as a species,


Arla Food Fest: Every year in August the Danish Dairy giant Arla arranges an urban fest for youngsters introducing to both culture and especially food culture. FOOD helps out organizing the events.