Supporting others

Supporting others

Many initiatives in the Danish world of food and gastronomy are supported by FOOD in one way or the other. We help raise money for the Danish chefs that compete in Bocuse d’Or (the world championships for chefs), we help out the tourist boards with food related activities, we support a lot of the chef competitions and talent programs in the cooking world of Denmark and we try to be involved in as many regional activities as possible.


These are just some of the things that FOOD in one way or the other has been involved in in one way or the other:

Bocuse d’Or participation: Supporting Danish competitors in international cooking competitions.


Organic food shows: Helping organic food events all over Denmark.


North: the Nordic food festival in New York.

Blue Gold: supporting the blue mussel fishers and the use of wild blue mussels in Denmark.

Sol Over Gudhjem: The regional food chef competition on the island of Bornholm.

Chef of the year: Annual Danish chef competition

Young Chef: Competition for young cooking talent.

Årets Gericke: Annual award celebrating the best new dishes from Denmark every year.


Native Cooking: Cooking competition and event based on the works of the Knuthenlund farm and dairy.